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MarcMan Program

MarcMan Products are used for the operations with the records created in the marc formats, or in formats of a similar type. Currently the MarcMan system portfolio is composed of three products, all relating to the conversion. We are preparing another product that is concerning the formal record syntax control.

All MarcMan products use a record operating engine as a basis. This engine is possible to fill with the rules written in a special language. Depending on the rules used, MarcMan can then perform specific functions.

MarcMan was filled with the rules for the cross conversion of MARC21/UNIMARC in conjuction and for the use of Czech National Library (NL). MarcMan convertors allow t

he bibliographic data conversion for all document types, between the UNIMARC and MARC 21 formats. This conversion come from the field specification in accordance with the standards of the national cataloguing policy, record scope corresponds with the highest processing level of NL. Methodology of filling the MarcMan products with these rules (precisely with MARC21/UNIMARC rules specified by NL) is in holdings of NL and is then available to all Czech libraries free of charge.

Maintenance and Support

MULTIDATA Praha offers support to all MarcMan products. In case of light version, the maintenance and support consists of editing and adding the rules according to the NL requirements as they will be subsequently formed, and of removing the possible errors. In Standard and Server versions enabling the editing, the support consists of removi

ng the possible errors and of a hot-line and help desk service. At all versions the error removal is conducted free of charge till the end of 2004, then from 1.1.2005 it follows the maintenance and support contract. In year 2004 the Help Desk services and consultations relating mostly to system filling with the conversion rules and editing those rules, are provided as a paid service. Help Desk contact is marchelp @

"Light" version

In Light version the MarcMan Program allows a record conversion acording to two rule files (modules) of NL, one file concerning monographies and other one concerning the authorities. It is not possible to change the rules though, as the files are coded. Tools for editing the rules, that MarcMan Light is filled with, are then not available to the user of this product version. In case

there is a problem resulting from the record difference from the NL specifications, the only possible way how to solve the problem is to contact us directly. MarcMan Light Program is supplied for Windows, Linux, Alpha systems .

Free of charge we offer one MarcMan Light product installation, filled with the rules mentioned above, to all Czech libraries, that signed up the license contract. To other Czech Republic institutions, or possibly to libriaries and institutions from other countries, they are available only editable versions like Standard and Server versions.

Any remarks relating to MarcMan Light convertor rules can be sent to Edita.Lichtenbergova @ (tel. +420 221663302). Error reports can be sent to marchelp @

"Standard" version

In this version the program enables to edit the conversion rules and to adjust then the conversion to own needs, or can create completely new rules. This version also includes a control module, which is used for a detailed record control against defined rules, that can be easily altered, modified and controlled. Only this way the program's versatility can be fully used and obtained a full-value assistant for bibliographic record administration. MarcMan Standard product is supplied to Czech Republic libraries with the rules mentioned above. These rules can also be obtained by other Czech institutions or libraries and institutions of other countries after an agreement and with a consent of National Library. Program is supplied for Windows, Linux, Alpha systems.

Price of MarcMan Standard with 3 user licenses bound with 3 fixed IP addresses: EUR 800 / USD 1 140 plus VAT following the valid regulations.

Every other User license bound with fixed IP address: EUR 80 / USD 114 plus VAT following the valid regulations.

"Server" version

This version is for convertor's initiation as a service. Implementation is possible directly into the library system, e.g. into Aleph 500. Through "Server" version integrated into Aleph 500 it is possible to for example perform conversions of individal records in database, or to convert whole batches downloaded via e.g. Z39.50 protocol "on the fly" (in real time), or to export records from database again with the real time conversion. MarcMan Server product is supplied to Czech Republic libraries with the rules mentioned above. These rules can also be obtained by other Czech institutions, or libraries and institutions of other countries after an agreem

ent and with a consent of NL. Program is supplied for Linux, Alpha systems.

Price of MarcMan Server integrated into Aleph500 depends on number of Aleph500 STAFF licenses.

Basic price of MarcMan Server for 5 Aleph500 STAFF licenses:

EUR 1 600 / USD 2 285 plus VAT following the valid regulations For each aditional STAFF Aleph 500 licence the price increases by: EUR 40 / USD 57 plus VAT following valid regulations.

MarcMan Standard license bound with 2 IP addresses is also part of MarcMan Server supply.

After an agreement it is possible to prepare MarcMan Server version also for other Library Automation Systems.

  • Windows system = MS Windows 2000 / XP

  • Linux system RH Linux 7.3 / RH Linux 9 / RH AS 2.1 / RH AS 3 / RH AS 4

  • Alpha system = Tru64 Unix 4.0G

After an agreement it is possible to prepare MarcMan Server version also for other operating system versions.