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Universal dynamic LDAP server

Universal dynamic LDAP server extends capabilities of Aleph® integrated library system to serve as LDAP source for patron directory authentication and authorization in any LDAP-compliant application, including EZproxy and Shibboleth Identity Provider.

Key features

  • utilizes X-services (X-server) as integral part of ALEPH ILS
  • supports any LDAP-compatible application (EZproxy and other proxy solutions, Shibboleth Identity Provider, print queue services, ...)
  • secure protocols (LDAPS/HTTPS) and user-defined logging are used for securing authentication process
  • user credentials are secured: user name is stored in LDAP directory only temporarily and user password is never stored


Main advantages

  • data for authentication processing purposes are
    available just-in-time:
    • newly created patron accounts are available immediately
    • updated patron accounts (eg. paid charges) are re-enabled immediately
    • deleted accounts are disabled immediately
  • user-defined mid-layer filter supports creating of custom authorization rules per each application, according to its specific needs
  • standard LDAP schema definitions (inetOrgPerson, eduPerson) and their attributes are supported


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Universal dynamic LDAP server

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